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Lecco is at the southeastern tip of Lake Como, in northern Italy. Known as the setting for the romantic masterpiece The Betrothed, (I Promessi Sposi)  by Alessandro Manzoni, Lecco has more than 19th century literature to offer. It has wonderful shopping in the historical city center, great plazas and cafes for people watching, a lovely promenade avenue (Il Lungo Lago) with breathtaking views of the lake and the distant Alps.
photo: Celia Abernethy

Getting to Lecco

You can easily get to Lecco from all parts of Europe by plane by car or by train. The closest airports are Milan and Bergamo.

By train

Train station: Lecco
Since Lecco is not far from Milano, commuter trains depart frequently from Milano Centrale Station and Milano Garibaldi.

From Milan the direct train is a 39 minute ride.
From Bergamo, about 1 hour.

Train travel Tips:

  • Be careful not to get on the train to Lecce which is a city in Puglia!
  • The train to Lecco goes toward Tirano, not to confuse with Torino which goes in another direction.
  • Get the direct train 39 minutes, otherwise, the local train will stop at all the little towns and will take 90 minutes.
  • Train ticket cost €4,90

Train information, book tickets to Lecco by train:
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By plane

Fly to Airports Milano Malpensa or Milano Linate

There is no direct bus or train service from Malpensa or Linate to Lecco.

From Malpensa

Take the Malpensaexpress train to Milan Central Station, then a train to Lecco (see train directions above).
The “Malpensa Express” train service runs every half hour from/to Centrale station generally between 5:00am and 11pm. It’s a 40/48 minute ride and costs € 13. From the airport, there are several signs pointing the way to the “Malpensa Express” train.   Then, take a train to Lecco.

Travel Tip Malpensa Express:

  • Malpensa express trains go to two stations in Milan, (Centrale and Cadorna). Be sure to check if the train is going to Centrale Station, especially if you have connecting trains.

Train information, book tickets from Malpensa by train:
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A taxi to Lecco from the airports will cost about € 130 -150 from the airport.

  • Airlines that fly to Malpensa airport – All major airlines fly to Malpensa including American, Delta, Luftansa, Alitaia, KLM, United, British, Easy Jet, Flybe, Singapore Airlines.

From Linate  (Best option from USA or Europe)

Take a bus from Linate to Milan Central Station, then a train to Lecco (see train directions above).

From the airport to Milan Central Station: The “Linate Shuttle” bus is parked outside, there are signs pointing the way. It arrives at Central Station at piazza Luigi di Savoia and runs between 5:40am until 11:15pm. It’s a 35 minute ride (provided there is little traffic) and costs E. 1,80. Then, take a train to Lecco.
  • Airlines that fly to Linate airport – All major airlines fly to Linate, including  ALitalia, Luftansa, KLM, United, British, Easy Jet, Iberia, Aer Lingus

Fly to Airport Milano-Bergamo Orio al Serio (Best option from Europe)

Take the bus from Orio al Serio Airport to Bergamo train station, then a train to Lecco. Ferrovia dello Stato (State Railways)  The train frm Bergamo to Lecco takes about an hour.

  • Airlines that fly to the Milano-Bergamo Orio al Serio airport – Ryan Air, Luftansa, Alitalia, Wizz, Pegasus, Meridiana, Neos, Alba Star, Blue Air, Ana.

Train information, book tickets from Bergamo to Lecco by train:
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By Car

By car from Malpensa: 52.3 Km
Highway (autostrada) A36 to SS36 , you may have to pay a toll road
Click here for directions

By car from Linate: 57.2 Km
Highway (autostrada) A4 to E64, you may have to pay a toll road
Click here for directions

By car from Bergamo: 40.6 Km
State road (strada statale) SS671, no tolls
Click here for directions 

 By Taxi or Car Service

Prices are only indicative:

A taxi to Lecco from Malpensa Airport about €180, about 2 hours

A Taxi to Lecco from Linate Airport about €140, about 1 hour

A taxi to Lecco from Milano Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport about €82, about 1 hour

Book a car service from €150Blacklane Chauffeur Service

Taxi Travel Tips:

  • taxis charge you the tolls at the end of the trip
  • they can charge for baggage
  • Sundays and holidays have surcharges
  • always, always, always allow extra time for traffic
  • tip the driver if you want, it’s appreciated, but not customary in Italy

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This guide was complied by an experienced traveler, currently  living in Italy. All prices are indicative and the information is to serve as reference material while planing your trip to Italy. 

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