Osteria La Barrique (Lecco)

Courtside dining

Osteria La Barrique is the clubhouse cafe and restaurant of the Lecco Tennis Club

In spring and summer the weather of Lake Como is at it’s best and outdoor dining in front of the red clay tennis courts is an excellent way to pass the afternoon or finish your day.

Osteria La Barrique
Via Maroncelli 9/A , Lecco
Reservations: +39 348 2489941   or    +39 333 7810712

You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the menu and atmosphere of the club

The Deuce

Stefano and Simone Osteria La Barrique

La Barrique is managed by two locals; Simone and Stefano.  They are enthusiastic tennis players but their real passion is satisfying their customers. When they are not serving from behind the net, they are ready to take your order.

Simone is a wine lover and has stocked the cellar with some of the best wines from Italy and is always eager to share his knowledge  by organizing wine tasting and gastronomic events.

Stefano is not only barman or waiter,  he is also public relations and event manager.  He will help you organize anything from a business luncheon to a family garden party.

The Serve

You can find healthy dishes like fresh salads, vegetable soups, specialties like stuffed aubergine rolls, fish and meat dishes as well as homemade cakes and pies. Sit back with a glass of prosecco and watch the champions of the Lecco Tennis Club battle it out on the court!

Stuffed aubergine rolls garnished with salted ricotta cheese and pesto

Indoor and Outdoor Dining

Courtside dining at the Lecco Tennis Club restaurant Osteria La Barrique

Osteria La Barrique
Via Maroncelli 9/A , Lecco
Reservations: +39 348 2489941   or    +39 333 7810712

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Are you participating in an event at the Lecco Tennis Club?

The Lecco Tennis Club has eight courts. Four courts are outdoor, four indoor, five of which are red clay, three are hard court PlayIt surface. In winter the four outdoor clay courts are covered as well. The Lecco Tennis club has top quality, men and women, ranking FIT /ATP players and instructors.

The club hosts charity tournaments, national tournaments and an ITF International Futures Tournament.

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