SKi Resorts Near Lake Como

Piani Di Bobbio


Piani di Bobbio is a great ski resort for a family and/or for beginners. The slopes are long and flat. There are also areas for sledding and snowboarding. You’ll find teachers and schools you can book lessons with as well.

It’s about 70 km from either Milan airport (Malpensa or Linate). You can also comfortably fly into Bergamo Orio al Serio. If you want to stay near the slopes the closest town would be Barzio where the cable car leaves from.

You may also enjoy staying in the city of Lecco which is a 25 minute car ride. There is a city bus D35 that goes up or it might be best to rent a car. You can ask your hotel if they can arrange transport for you.

If you are staying in Milan, there is a bus+ ski pass that leaves from Milan only Saturday and Sundays. Keep in mind Saturday and Sunday will be very busy. If you are coming for a holiday,  weekdays are best. Ski during the week and visit the nearby cities on the weekend.

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Main photo Piani di Bobbio by Fiorenzo via Wikimedia


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