Inspired by Lake Como, Akuaduulza Jewelry

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Inspired by Lake Como

It was a cold, winter evening when an idea came to jewelry designer, Grazia Gerin. She was closing up her small shop on Viale Turati in Lecco. It was only 7 PM, but it was already dark and the thought of going out into the cold made her shiver. She was dreaming of warm, summer days at the lakeshore sitting under the sun, watching her children play on the beach lido near the bridge where the anglers cast their rods. She picked up her pencil. A quick outline made with smooth strokes of the charcoal, her design quickly took shape. She looked down at her drawing pad and smiled at her stylized misultin. Misultin is local dialect for the Agone fish, a native of Lake Como waters.

That was 2014 and the beginning of the Akuaduulza Gioielli jewelry collection, a true homage to her homeland. The first creation in a series of bracelet, earring and necklace designs. Acqua duulza is local dialect which literally means ‘sweet water’ describing the fresh water of the rivers and lakes of Lombardia.

That first design was the beginning of the Varenna Collection. A charm made in hand-cut and hand-hammered silver or gold, which is used for bracelets and necklaces. Other ideas and designs followed…

I Pizzi del Lago Collection is inspired by the elaborately sculpted wrought iron gates of the mansions and villas of Lake Como. Each piece is hand-cut and chiseled silver, each small works of art. Rings, earrings and necklace charms.

The El Bufa Collection honors the men and women brave enough to face the winds. Shaped like a windsurf board, the two designs are named after the prevailing winds of Lake Como; Breva and Tivano.

The Villa Carlotta Collection features the misultin, styled in a more contemporary design with colorful enamel finishes inspired by the vibrant flowers of the lakeside English garden of Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo.

All pieces are presented with a certificate of authenticity and beautiful packaging.

Available online at or at the store in Lecco.

More locations to be announced.

Grazia e Preziosi

Viale Turati 65

23900 Lecco, Italy

Tel. +39 0341 283766

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The jewelry and other photos courtesy Akuaduulza Gioielli

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