All You Can Eat Pizzocchieri at Crotto Quartino

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Friday evenings,  Fabio and Mauro Salini, managers of Crotto Quartino, will be offering customers “All you can Eat”  from their menu of traditional dishes of Valchiavenna.

For almost seventy years, up in the mountains of Valchiavenna, the Crotto Quartino  has been tantalizing customers with generous portions of fresh  salami, Valchiavenna white pizzoccheri, ribs, sausages and polenta taragna served with their house wine “vin Quartin”.

For 20 € per person you will be able to freely choose from the menus, including water, wine and coffee,. There is only one rule: you MUST eat everything on your plate, otherwise you pay what is leftover.
Waste is frowned upon and managers make every effort to limit it.

“Eating at will is ok, it is a sin to waste.” say Fabio and Mauro.


Crotto Quartino
Via dei Quartini 5
23020 S. Croce di Piuro So
Tel. +39 034 335 305

The Crotto Quartino is in the heart of the Valchiavenna mountains, going towards the Maloja Pass on the main road to Sant Moritz. (71 km from Lecco)

“Crotti” are natural caves naturally cooled by the draught of air, called “Sorèl”, which blows from the crevices of the rocks, where aged bresaola, cheese and wine are stored.

For more information on “All you can Eat” and Crotto Quartino  you can visit the website .


On your way to St. Moritz for skiing? Stop for dinner at Crotto Quartino and spend the night in a b&b in nearby Chiavenna.

B&B Nonna Costantina

B&B Nonna Costantina is in central Chiavenna. It is located a 15-minute drive from Mezzola Lake and 23 km from the Valchiavenna Ski Area.
Housed in a historical building, the Nonna Costantina Bed&Breakfast offers an Italian-style breakfast, including sweet items and fresh coffee. Read more



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