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Celebrate “Pedestrian Day” every 16 August in Barni

Above in the hills of Bellagio lies Barni. A small village of 600 residents who keep their traditions alive while preserving the beautiful natural landscape surrounding them. Barni is small, but rich with Antique churches, cobbled stone pavement and walking trails that bring you to picturesque view points.



Barni is nice to visit anytime, but August 16 is a day of  exhibitions, markets, parades, music, shows, food and wine tastings of local products. Private courtyards and gardens that are normally closed to the public will be open for viewing and visits. Everyone is invited to join in the celebrations and you will be made to feel like one of the family.

El Paes de Scuprì – Giornata Pedonale”  A Town to Discover – Pedestrian Day 

The event is organized and promoted by the Cultura Barni Association and the Region of Lombardy. All crowd funding efforts will benefit the restructuring and preservation of cultural and historical sites of Barni.



How to get to Barni

From Bellagio: 20 minute drive on Via Provinciale a Barni (abut 9 km)

From Como: 45 minute drive (about 23 km)

From Milan: 1.5 hour drive from Milan (about 60 km)

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All photos courtesy The Cultura Barni Association

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