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Lake Como is a resort destination that you can visit without having to actually stay in a resort. Anywhere you go you can find public beaches, or secluded alcoves where you can sunbathe, relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the lake. Lido is the Italian word for beach, or beach club and are usually equipped with a cafe, restaurant, changing facilities, showers, sunbed rental and beach umbrellas.  Here on Lake Como many of the beaches are man-made or have had sand added to natural banks along the shore.  Some beaches are managed by the town and are free and open to the public, some are on private property and have an entrance fee.

Photo featured above: Theriva Beach Club, Oliveto Lario

Some of the Lidos on Lake Como are lakefront terraces with gardens or swimming pools. Many require an entrance fee and charge for sunbeds and umbrellas. If you plan to go to the same beach club everyday, you should ask if they offer weekly passes. Parking and traffic can sometimes be difficult along the narrow roads and lanes in small towns, so please be patient or when possible travel by train.
NOTE: You may see people jumping from heights into the lake or bathing in impromptu areas; there are rocks along the shoreline and strong currents near the river mouth; please be careful and follow safety signs and regulations.

Here is a list of beaches and lido beach parks on Lake Como (in alphabetical order).

Abbadia Lariana

Abbadia Lariana Beach Park, Via Lungo Lago, Abbadia Lariana.  A very nice public beach park,  lakeside beach gardens and campground for nature lovers.

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Lido di Bellagio, Via Paolo Carcano 1, Bellagio. Sandy beach with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental. Boat rental. During the day beach, at night disco and restaurant.


Lido di Bellano, Via Martiri Della Libertà, 3, 23822 Bellano. A sandy beach with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental.


Lido di Cernobbio, Piazza Risorgimento 5, Cernobbio (CO) Terrace on the lakefront swimming pool with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental.  During the day beach, at night disco and restaurant.


Colico Beach Park, Via Lungolago, Colico. Known as kite surfer paradise. Even if you are not on the kite surfer circuit, the town center lungolago promenade and Piazza Garibaldi is a great place to chill out and relax. You’ll find boutiques, cafes and pubs. Along the lakeside are several beach gardens where you can put your blanket down and get some rays or have a lakeside picnic. There is also a lido beach with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental.


Lido Terrace at Villa Olmo, Via Per Cernobbio 2, Como, located next to the Villa Olmo in the park it is a sandy beach with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental.


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Orsa Maggiore Beach

Orsa Maggiore, Via Lungolario Piave, 5, Lecco.  A sandy beach with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental. Wakeboard and water ski rental, canoes and paddle boats too. During the day beach, at night disco and restaurant.

Società Canottieri Lecco Via Nullo, 2, Lecco. The Canotieri Rowing Club of Lecco is a private membership club, but offers day passes to guests of the NH hotel.

Rivabella Camping Via Spiaggia, 35/C, Chiuso, Lecco offers a private beach for its guests.

Note: You may see some people sunbathing along the Adda River near the bridge but it is very dangerous to swim in the river!


Riva Bianca, Lierna

Riva Bianca, Via Riva Bianca 8Lierna. A secluded little public beach lido with a fantastic panorama. No facilities but ther’s a cafe and restaurant nearby.






Malgrate Lungolago

Malgrate Lido, Via Lungolago, Malgrate. Along the lake is the new lungolago promenade, umbrellas and sun bed rental available on grassy terrace on the lake. Restaurants, cafes and pubs are all nearby.

Mandello Del lario

Lido di Mandello Del Lario, Via Medaglie Olimpiche, Mandello Del Lario. Near the public gardens along the lake. Beach and facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental.


Menaggio Beach Via Roma, 11, Menaggio. There is a public beach and a separate beach lido with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental.

Onno – Oliveto Lario

In Onno – Oliveto Lario there is the Theriva Beach Club,  Via G. Garibaldi, 23865 Oliveto Lario.
Restaurant, beach club and swimming pool, both with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental. Y
ou can also  find nearby bike and boat hire services.


Juancito Beach Club

Juancito Beach Club, S.S. Lariana, Valbrona (near the town of Onno). A lovely place to really get away from it all. Garden, swimming pool with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental. Beautiful view and relaxing atmosphere.


Baia di Parè a grassy public garden along the lake, no facilities. Restaurants, cafes and pubs found nearby.

Moregallo Lido

Moregallo garden, swimming pool with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental. During the day beach, at night disco and restaurant. Located on the road to Bellagio, Strada per Bellagio Via Moregallo, 14 (just after the first tunnel from Valmadrera to Bellagio).


Lido di Varenna-Perledo Via Lido 4. Sun terrace on the lake with facilities, umbrellas and sun bed rental. Located across the plaza near the ferry port of Varenna.

Beach of Fiumelatte, public beach, no facilities, located along the roadside of Fiumelatte.


Vercurago Public Beach, Lungo Lago Aldo Moro, Vercurago. Pebble beach at the end of the Lecco-Vercurago bike path, no facilities.

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