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Discovering Bellagio on an e-bike with Lake Como Food Tours is easy for anyone who can ride a traditional bicycle. A bike tour of Bellagio with local wine and cheese tasting, an expert guide and an e-bike make the perfect recipe for visiting Lake Como.
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Over the Hill

The fresh morning air is fragrant and welcoming. From the hilltop hamlet of Aureggio, I can see the blue waters of Lake Como and winding roads snaking through the hills. As I zoom down the hill on a bike, I shriek out a childish “Weeeeeeeeee!” I just can’t help it!

Going down is easy, but I’m a bit nervous when I see the narrow, steep, cobblestone pathway. Alberto who is up ahead, yells over his shoulder “Come on! You can do it!” Easy for him to say, he’s a cycle champion and trains for triathlons just for fun. Me on the other hand, a forty-something-year-old trying to keep up with the rest of the group. With a flick of the gearshift and the beep of the turbo assist, I am up the hill in no time! I really didn’t think I could do it. Oh, Lord of e-bikes, I will never doubt your power again! I had no idea what to expect from the Bellagio e-bike and eat experience, I was afraid I wouldn’t be fit enough to keep up, but the e-bike makes sport travel activities easy for anyone who can ride a traditional bike.

The Beauty of Bellagio

The town of Bellagio, has often been described as “the pearl of Lake Como”. A suitable nickname for this precious village of beauty and elegance. The landscape is carefully curated, the views from the hilltops are one-of-a kind and the sense of visiting an exclusive destination makes you feel like a movie star at the Riviera.

The tour brings you to secret spots, only the locals know


Bellagio is the town located at the “Y” of Lake Como where the main branch splits. It was once only accessible by boat, making it an ideal getaway for Swiss nobility, heads of state and later, the Hollywood elite. While Bellagio does offer the chance to wine and dine at five-star restaurants, today we did something a bit more adventurous: A tour on e-bikes of Bellagio and the surrounding area.

E for Easy Street

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

An e-bike is not a scooter. It’s a bicycle that has a battery power pack that assists with pedaling. You can adjust the gears and level of assistance from 1-5 and it will last for about 100 km (if you choose to go that far). Very handy when you have to go up to the upper hamlets of Aureggio and Visgnola. E-bikes are environmentally friendly, silent, and even though you have that extra push with the pedaling, you still get a good workout.

Bellagio Bike & Eat Tour with Lake Como Food Tours

Carlotta, Julian, Eva and myself ready for an e-bike adventure!

Ask info below or book the Bellagio Bike & Eats Tour 

Lake Como Food Tours is a local company offering food experiences here at Lake Como. They offer traditional food and wine tours, bike tours, cooking lessons and even a romantic dinner cruise. By special invitation, along with three other bloggers; Eva, Julian and Carlotta, I got an exclusive preview of the new e-bike experience in Bellagio.

The meeting point is at the car ferry port in Bellagio. Very easy to find and to reach if you are traveling from Como, Lecco, Varenna, Menaggio or Tremezzo. From Milan it takes about two hours, so plan carefully.

The Como Lago Bike team who works in partnership with Lake Como Food Tours, came to pick us up and bring us to their head-quarters located at the Hotel Il Perlo Panorama. They kindly offered us a coffee and we admired the view while waiting for the bike selections and saddle adjustments.

After the bikes were sorted out and helmets buckled up, we were off. Our sports guide, Alberto, brought us on an adventure through the hills and hamlets down to the small villages and hidden gems of the Bellagio cape. We passed through the old town center and went all the way down to the point of the cape to rest under the shady trees before getting a snack in the San Giovanni district.

The views were absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t have done it by myself. Having the group and an expert coach was a true blessing!

Cycling with a Champion

Imagine going to a dance lesson and Beyonce is your teacher – well that’s kind of what happened today! I go cycling for the first time in eons and my guide is Alberto Elli!

International cycling champion, Elli wore the yellow jersey 4 days of the Tour de France 2000. Today he is sports director of the Preti Mangimi professional continental team and a core team leader at Como Lago Bike.

Say Cheese

At the end of the tour, we stopped at a local bodega for a refreshing glass of prosecco and a selection of local cheeses. It was a great reward and we all went home with smiles on our faces.

Tour details:

Operates: Daily
Duration: 3 hours
Start Time: 9:30 a.m
Price: 130 euro

Ask info below or book the Bellagio Bike & Eats Tour 

All photos by C. Aberenthy

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