Da Ceko Il Pescatore Fish Deli (Lecco)

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Just past the Isola Viscontea and the Il Ponte Viscontea bridge, is the neighborhood Pescarenico, the old fisherman’s village. The antique houses with stone walls, terracotta tiles, narrow alleyways and cobblestone roads bring you back in time to an era when fishing was the livelihood of the entire village.

For one family, it still is:  Da Ceko Il Pescatore (pescatore means fisherman), is a family run business and they do much of the fishing themselves. You can see the boats and fishing nets hanging in the courtyard across the street. Fresh lake fish and seafood are on the menu, as well as pasta dishes and other ready-made meals made fresh every day. The menu changes according to what they have on hand.

The restaurant is set up like a takeaway deli with a small dining room and additional seating outside on pic-nic tables. You must go to the counter to order and they will call your number when your order is ready. If it’s not too busy they will serve you at the table –  they are nice like that.

They don’t take reservations, it’s first come first serve, but you can always get your meal to go and sit on a bench at the park across the street looking out to the Adda River.

Da Ceko Il Pescatore
Piazza Era, 8, Lecco
Tel. +39 0341 284101

Calamari and potatos


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Melas are served in eco-friendly dishes


Da Ceko Pescatore


Shady courtyard for summer dining


Indoor dining

Da Ceko Il Pescatore
Piazza Era, 8, Lecco
Tel. +39 0341 284101

Video about Francesco Ghislanzoni the Fisherman and owner of Da Ceko Il Pescatore
Video by Opencircle

Ceko from OpenCircle on Vimeo.


Da Ceko Pescatore is located in the heart of Pescarenico, the old fishing village of Lecco

Fishing nets, Pescarenico, Lecco

The narrow alleyways of Pescarenico, Lecco

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