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Lake Como is not a round or oval lake, but you can drive around it.  One thing I had to get used to here in Italy is the way people drive. In some respects, Italian drivers are better than American drivers. They use the left lane exclusively for passing, unlike in California where they will pass you on the left or right. The other thing is the road-width. Don’t expect seven or eight-lane freeways; here the autostrade (highways) are sometimes just two-way roads and rarely larger than three lanes.

Although camping is very popular and Lake Como offers some of the most beautiful locations, I wouldn’t recommend traveling with a camper unless you are an expert driver. There are often tight corners and one car lanes where you may have to back up to let the oncoming car pass.

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Lake Como roads are some of the best scenic roads in the world. Here are some clips on the road from Lecco to Colico, passing through the small towns and villages on the way.


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