Fol Gourmet Popcorn

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Feeling nostalgic

Cracker Jacks, my childhood treat

One of my favorite snacks as a kid was Cracker Jacks, caramel coated popcorn with peanuts. Guess what..I found the Italian version!

On the fashionable street of Via Mascari in the center of Lecco amongst designer boutiques, a high-end art gallery and bespoke jewelers is Fol Gourmet Popcorn.

Two-toned black and white striped wall covering draw you into this pop art design boutique. Large candy jar containers hold air-puffed popcorn with over thirty different flavors! Cheese, bacon, chocolate, white chocolate,  caramel and my favorite: caramel with pistachios! It was the next best thing to my childhood treat!

A great idea for and afternoon snack, parties or home movie night.

I might just have to change my jogging route to pass through the center! (I might just have to jog more!)

Jessica owner of Fol Gourmet Popcorn

Every imaginable popcorn flavor

“Qui il popcorn parla italiano!” – “Here popcorn speaks Italian!”

Fol Gourment Popcorn

via Mascari 29
tel. 3391241000
 Disclaimer: This is an independent review. I did not receive any freebies. 

Instagram @FolPopcornLecco

Celia Abernethy

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