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As a native New Yorker and of Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s Day has always evoked nostalgia and special memories. My father played the bagpipes in the NYFD marching band and Mom never missed a chance to make Irish Soda Bread.


Unless your name is Patrizio, St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated in Italy.

Lecco is a university town, and where there are college students, there are pubs!

There are several pubs in Lecco that serve up Guinness on tap, artisan beers, pub food and recreate the local Irish pub atmosphere.

St.Patrick’s Day- The Patron Saint of Ireland, legend says St. Patrick drove the snakes away from Ireland. “Driving out the snakes” is symbolic for having converted the pagans to Christianity. (Ireland never had snakes.)

March 17th is St.Patrick’s Day, celebrated as a cultural heritage day.

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
So pin a shamrock to your lapel for good luck and head on down to the pub!

The Shamrock Irish Pub
Via Giuseppe Parini, 5, 23900 Lecco
Tel. 0341 287582

Public House Gastropub
Via Cesare Cantù, 16, 23900 Lecco LC
Tel. 0341 287905


Herba Monstrum
Via Ettore Monti, 29, 23851 Galbiate LC
Tel. 0341 282363

Read more about Herba Nostrum


O’Connor Pub Lecco
Indirizzo: Via Perazzo, 15, 23900 Lecco LC
Tel. 0341 353001

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