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Discover the incredible scenario of Como Lake from the comfort of a luxury helicopter.

Helicopter Tour Lake Como from €965.00

Lake Como, with its chief town Como, has been a leisure location since the Roman age: visited by aristocrats and wealthy citizens, it has kept this exclusive allure since then. Gorgeous gardens and villas are visible from the lake, while art treasures are scattered all around the lakeside, dotted by small, charming villages. This private experience will allow you to discover the lake from an unusual perspective: by a helicopter, you will fly over Lario and perceive its characteristic “Y” shape, exploring the “sines and gulfs” described by the famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni in his masterpiece, “I promessi sposi”. Meanwhile, you will chill out sipping a glass of iced saprkling white wine: a toast to the wonders of this enchanting surroundings.

Helicopter Tour Lake Como

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