Lario Express, Vintage Electric & Steam Trains to Lake Como

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Lario Express

Historic train from Milano Centrale to Lecco

September 12, 2021


Tourist itineraries on Lake Como


The historic train leaves from Milano Centrale with destination Lecco, crossing the Lombard hinterland and accompanying travelers to discover magnificent villages. The travel experience already begins on board the train, among the timeless atmospheres of the ancient Centoporte cars, enjoying the panorama that flows slowly from the window. Among the major cultural attractions, the minor basilica of Seregno dating back to 1700, the Benedictine abbey of the late ‘800 and the ancient village of Cantù with its fascinating architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. In Lecco, a city dear to Manzoni for its lake, travelers on the historic train will have numerous cultural itineraries to choose from, namely a trip on the lake aboard a boat, trekking in the nearby nature reserves, cycle tourism, and the possibility of practicing water sports on the lake.

HISTORICAL TRAIN TOURIST PROGRAM FROM MILAN + ONE WAY BOAT TO LECCO LAGO:  It is possible to buy an integrated ticket at a special price “Historical train + historical boat” which includes the journey by steam train from Milano Centrale to Como and the route on the steamship, still steam, from Como Pontile to Lecco lake via Bellagio. The integrated ticket is available to depart from the stations of Milano C.le, Monza, Lissone, Desio and Seregno. Upon arriving at Como SG station, travelers will be accompanied to the boarding area at the Cavour pier, where the steamship is scheduled to depart.

For travelers departing from Como S. Giovanni at 9.42 only, it is possible to purchase an integrated ticket Historic train for the round trip and steamer for the RETURN departing from Lecco lake at 5:10 pm Tickets can be purchased directly through the o ffi cial sales channels and Trenord in the manner described above.

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Following the provisions issued by the competent Authorities, in order to maximize the protection of the health of travelers and employees, Fondazione FS has activated measures and initiatives in the field of prevention of the spread of Coronavirus.


  • the sanitation and disinfection activities of the trains have been strengthened
  • hand disinfectant dispensers have been installed on board the trains;
  • our staff has been equipped with the necessary protection systems (masks, gloves);
  • a new on-board seat reservation policy was introduced which, while maintaining comfort, ensures compliance with the safety distances prescribed by the health authorities.

Trenitalia has launched two new itineraries for visitors to Lake Como. You can now travel on a vintage electric train with 1930’s “Centoporte” carriages between Milan and Como or on a historic Gr. 740 steam locomotive between Como and Lecco.

Tickets can be purchased through Trenitalia Fondazione FS

Free for children 0-14 years old – must be booked in advanced to secure a seat.

See official website:

Historic Electric and Steam Trains to Lake Como

Extra Itinerary

From Como visitors can book a boat itinerary with the Navigazione Lago di Como (the pier is about 1 km from the S. Giovanni Station). Arriving by boat to Varenna, vistors can return to Lecco by regional Trenord train and then take the historic train back to Como from Lecco.
Info and reservations: website – Tel. 800.551801

In addition to the journey by historic train, visitors can purchase a tour package in collaboration with the FTI Association
Tel. 338.8577210

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