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Another story-share with the girls at #DolceVitaBloggers, a community of Italophile bloggers. Here’s a story about train travel in Italy gone wrong. It’s always best to check your ticket twice!

Am I on the right train?

My twenty-year-old niece, Kat (I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m telling this story!) came to visit me in my town Lecco, at Lake Como.

She was quite adventurous during her stay. She got a train and traveled to Milan, to Rome, and on another to Venice; in other words, she pretty much figured out how to get around. Returning from one of her excursions, she jumped on a train at Milan Central station. After a few minutes of looking around at the other passengers who seemed to have settled in for a long ride, she started asking if she was on the right train. “Lecco?” she asked. “Si, si.” nodded the man. Not assured, she asked someone else, “Lecco?” and showed her ticket. “Oh, no!” the woman exclaimed, “Questo treno va a Lecce!” “This train is going to Lecce!”

Lecco is 60 km (37 miles) from Milan, a 39-minute train ride. Lecce is 1082 km (672 miles) from Milan, a 12-hour train ride!

Luckily, Kat had the emergency cellphone we lent her and she called us. She got off at Lodi and returned to Milan to get the right train.

Check it twice

Rushing around a station and not being familiar with the names, it’s easy to make a mistake.

On your next trip traveling by train in Italy, be sure to not mix up:

    • Lecco and Lecce
    • Torino and Tirano
    • Isernia and Imperia
    • Andria and Adria
    • Belluno and Bellano
    • Atri and Altari
    • Lodi and Todi
    • Rieti and Chieti

I’m sure there are lots more – but you get the drift. Be sure to check your ticket twice!

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