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The Villa Gomes Civic Music School in Lecco holds concerts and special events in the park.

At the turn of the century Antonio Carlos Gomes came to Milan to study music at the conservatory. Already well known and respected in Brazil, he quickly gained notoriety in Italy by contemporaries such as Verdi and Puccini for his compositions and opera “Il Guarany”  (1870).

Gomes bought the villa after discovering Lake Como while visiting with his friend and fellow composer Antonio Ghizlanzoni who was from Lecco. Gomes bought the villa and surrounding property in the hamlet of Maggianico which became a hub of culture, music and relaxation for some of the most prominent composers, musicians and members of high society of the time.

Today the villa keeps Gomes’ spirit and love of music alive and is home to the Giuseppe Zelioli Civic Music Institute, known to the locals as “La Civica“. It holds a comprehensive music library containing antique books and manuscripts, perfect for music lovers and students.   The surrounding property is a public park where concerts, events and even weddings are held.

Originally christened Villa Brasilia, it is no surprise that it has become an important location not only for musicians but also for the expat Brazilian community.

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