Rubber B Style for the Sports Enthusiast

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rubberb-girlRubber B is the first company to design a customized range of rubber straps to perfectly fit specific Rolex watch models, perfect for individuals with active lifestyles,looking for a unique alternative to metal bracelets and leather straps.

“Perfect for the Lake Como Style sports enthusiast or the fashionista sitting by the pool. “

Rubber B is the newest and only rubber strap designed specifically for Rolex watches. Bands for Panerai, Patek Philippe and other brands are now available. Visit the shop now




Vulcanized rubber provides superior resistance to wear, stretching and damage from environmental elements (Ozone, UV, and harsh aquatic conditions). The result is supreme flexibility and durability against damage or tearing, encouraging a long life without deformation from active wear.

Rubber B is an American company with production in Switzerland. The Swiss production team has succeeded in engineering a precise design which harmonizes with Rolex watch models ensuring the highest quality and reliability. Each watch band incorporate the original Rolex Deployment Buckle into their design. This allows the owner to have the flexibility and customization of a rubber strap without compromising the classic, distinctive beauty that their Rolex watch represents.

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