Street Fud Food Truck Festival Malgrate 2016

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Malgrate, LC Italy, Street Fud Festival 2016 showing off the new trend and growing industry of Food Trucks in Italy. Merchants had everything from the classic New York hotdog to fried calamari and there was even a food truck offering snacks for pets! It was a cloudy day with a bit of drizzle but that didn’t shun off the crowd. There was live music and entertainment for children. I even got a selfie with a Minion!
Malgrate is a nice little town across the bridge from Lecco with beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

The festival is going on from April 23-25 2016

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Malgrate and Lecco

View of Lecco from Malgrate

A restful view along the Malgrate boardwalk


Entertainment for children at the Street Fud Festival, Malgrate


La Tigellona Food Truck, specialty sandwiches


Calamaro on the Road Food Truck, fried calamari


Carne di Fassone Piemonte Food Truck


Arancini di Sicilia Food Truck, Sicilian specialties


Adesso Dove Vado Food truck, Napolitano spcialites


Focaracceria Umbria Food Truck, Umbrian specialties


Myo Food Truck, Sushi by Myo Sushi restaurant, Lecco


Dog Snacks Food Trucks, specialites for pets

Article & Photos by Celia Abernethy

Celia Abernethy

Originally from New York, Celia now spends her time between Milan and Lake Como sharing her discoveries and experiences living in Italy. Follow @CeliaAbernethy on Twitter