The Living Land Urban Art Youth Project

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I was doing my morning errands in the center of Lecco, when I came to the alleyway I usually use as a shortcut to get from the main plaza to the lakefront. It was blocked. Dismayed, I though “Uh, now I have go all the way around.” Then I saw why they closed it. A group of teenagers were painting it. They weren’t doing graffiti, they were fixing it! Not just repairing the crumbling plaster, but decorating it with an intricate design and bold colors. This peaked my curiosity and I stopped to ask what was going on.
A young man came to the gate blocking the passageway and told me about the project.

They weren’t doing graffiti, they were fixing it!


The Project

Living Land is an organization that offers young adults education and work experience with an emphasis on social responsibility through projects that give back to the communities in the province of Lecco. Youth participants are paid with credit-slips that can be used at local stores and businesses. The funds are supported by corporate sponsorship, donations and the support of the Cariplo Foundation and Welfare in Action.

The Art

The art was created by members of the youth group. Work was being supervised by Afran, an internationally renowned artist known for sculpture and urban street art. Originally from Cameron, Afran’s work has been exhibited in major shows in Milan, New York, Montreal, Chicago, Venice and Miami, to name a few.  Lucky for us, he has settled here and has his studio across the river, in Pescate.

They are working on other passageways in the city as well.
Stay tuned while I hunt down more Living Land and Afran Urban Art …  🙂

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