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Each month #DolceVitaBloggers share a theme. This month in honor of Women’s Day (March 8), the topic is “Inspirational Women”. Thanks to Kelly at italianatheart.comJasmine at and Kristie at, who have created a community of Italophile bloggers called #DolceVitaBloggers.


Photo above: Mimosa flower, a symbol of International Women’s Day. 

Given the task “write about a woman who inspires you” I racked my brain, trying to think of a historical, influential woman that in some way moved me or moulded my character.

I thought I could write about Eleanor Roosevelt or Rosa Parks or Margherita Hack, but, in all honesty, to write about them I’d have to go back to the books and study more. I know in principle what they stood for and about their great accomplishments but I don’t have the facts off the top of my head of the where and when of it all.

Then, it occurred to me that the here and now is most important; where I find myself at this very moment, and that the women who I admire and inspired me are people I see every day.

These are the women who inspire me and prove to me that true inner strength really does come from within.

She has three children and juggles work, the household, the children’s multiple activities and volunteer services. She is exhausted at the end of the day but the love for her family is always put first and foremost.

She lives with a debilitating disease but it doesn’t stop her from dedicating her time to others even if it means driving long distances.

Although the youngest of the siblings, she took care of her family and supported them emotionally and financially when it was necessary. She happily exhausted her energy and time doing so, but she has now learned to dedicate some time to herself and she celebrates her life by traveling the world.


She’s 84 and full of energy with a child-like curiosity. Although she is officially retired as a professor, she is active in the local literature club doing public readings and performances, is an avid theater patron and is politically active in her community. She wakes up every day with a task and accomplishes that task. She’s a driving force and will not sit back and “be old”.

She would rather live on a budget than lower her standards or compromise her principals. She regularly refuses work saying “That’s not what I do”. She has a clear idea of who she is and what she would like to accomplish.

They’re gay and they’re proud. Not “in your face” proud, but proud in the sense that they don’t hide, they don’t pretend. In other countries, it may not be a big deal, but Italy is still getting used to the idea of the gay family. Two women with two children and a dog are just not the norm here. They live their lives with natural ease and sincerity.

Making love a priority, not letting difficulty or age get in the way, celebrating life, not lowering one’s standards or compromising one’s principals and living sincerely are all attributes of the women I admire and I hope to aspire to and apply these qualities  to my own life.

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